Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of using the site and the services

Last updated: June 2022

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use carefully, as by visiting and/or using the website you agree to these terms and conditions.

We recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions of Use from time to time, with raduionut.ro reserving the right to change them frequently and without prior notice.

The supplier undertakes:

a) To provide course support for participants and to provide the service according to the structure of the online or offline course.
b) The start date of the course displayed on the site is estimated. The provider reserves the right to postpone the start of the course until a minimum number of students have registered for the respective group. The Supplier undertakes to notify the Beneficiary by phone in case of course postponement, as well as before the actual start of the course. Registration and participation in the course is valid only for the group and the schedule chosen by the Beneficiary and in agreement with the Supplier.
c) To comply with the prices and promotions presented to the students.
d) To comply with the contractual conditions;
e) To archive and make available to the authorized institutions all the data necessary to identify errors or data according to the legal basis in force.

The beneficiary undertakes:
a) To make the time of booking and registration responsible.
b) The payment of the participation fee in the training represents the beneficiary's confirmation that he wants to participate in the training and, at the same time, the fact that the beneficiary has become aware of the terms and conditions as well as what the participation fee includes according to the information displayed in each course. The examination fee shall be paid separately, at the latest in the last hour of the course and shall be fixed for each course.
b.1.) Cancellation of registration or participation up to 5 days before the start of the course is possible with a processing fee of 20% of the value of the course paid at registration.
If the Provider has announced the opening of the course and the Beneficiary has confirmed the presence, it can no longer cancel the registration or participation in the course and loses the value paid. The student recovers the costs unless he or she brings another student in his or her place.
b.2.) Cancellation of registration or participation in the course after the period specified in paragraph b.1.) it is no longer possible.
b.3.) If a registration certificate is issued before the start of the course, the amount paid is not returned regardless of when the course starts.
c) To attend the professional training program for the entire period;
d) To comply with the rules on labor protection;
e) To comply with the contractual conditions and the terms and conditions - regardless of how the registration is made (electronically, at the headquarters or by phone);
f) They learned that all student data is archived for a period of 20 years;
g) They learned how they will receive notifications via email / sms / phone throughout the academic year;
h) They took note that they will not receive notifications via email / sms / phone after the completion of the academic year;
i) I declare on my own responsibility, knowing the consequences of false statements in the meaning of article 326 of the New Criminal Code and the provisions of the National Education Law no. 1/2011 art.143 paragraph 4 and 5 regarding plagiarism, that the homework to be taught is original, it belongs to me, and I assume its content in its entirety;
j) I also declare that I agree that my file will be verified by any legal means to confirm the originality, including consenting to the entry of its content in a database for this purpose;
k) I have taken note of the fact that it is forbidden to sell files / scientific papers to facilitate the falsification by the buyer of the authorship of a topic and in this sense, I declare on my own responsibility that this topic has not been copied but is the fruit of research which I undertook.
l) By your actual use of the services, you are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted these Terms and Conditions. At the same time, you confirm and accept that raduionut.ro will consider your use of the Services as an acceptance of the Terms and conditions as of that time.
m) The supplier will issue a proforma for payment and will send it by e-mail to the address filled in electronically in the registration form or sent by phone. The tax invoice will be issued after the payment has been processed. If you want the invoice in printed format, upon request, it can be sent to the participant at the first course meeting or by e-mail. Vat is NOT added to the prices displayed.